Moore Mosaic

Breathing in, Breathing out…

…is certainly better than the alternative, but the title is not about air, at least in the molecular sense. It is about art and music and stories. It is about landscaping your creative world with your colors, your textures, your songs, your stories. Creativity is all about breathing in, opening heart, soul, eyes and ears to the sounds and the silence, to the darkness and the light, to the joys and the sorrows which find their way onto the pages written in the stories we write, the canvases we paint, the songs we compose. We cannot breathe out until we have taken the time to breathe in so deeply it almost hurts.

Those who fully breathe in are compelled to breathe out. Their words and brush strokes and melodies are seeds that germinate in the fertile soil of their soul and cannot be contained, the naked earth becomes their garden, a tree of lifetruth, hope, goodness, and beauty.

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