About the Author

Dear Reader, thank you for wandering through the lives of the characters in these stories. I hope you found them interesting and entertaining. These stories are available on Amazon. Look for “Short Stories for Grown Ups: An Anthology for a Rainy Day”

About the author:

          I kept my cold hands wrapped around my mug of hot chocolate. “I want to write,” I told my friend Don as he ordered his own cup of something to ward off the winter’s day.

          “What?” he replied.

          “I said I want to write,” I repeated, liking the taste of those words on my lips.

          He offered just two words, like sperm impregnating the fertile egg of my dreams. “Do it,” he said.

          I have taken the classes, traveled to the workshops, and read the books on writing. To this day, no advice has been more powerful than those two words.

          Thank you, Don, wherever you are.


          I was a preacher’s kid raised deep in the farm country of Illinois. I was a mediocre student who learned to play the trombone in high school. A BA in Music Ed. led me to teach music for nearly thirty years. But countless staff meetings, lesson plans, rehearsals, concerts, three daughters and an eventual slew of grandkids could not keep the stories from growing.  The characters, plots and words pestered me like a toddler calling, “mommy” a hundred times.

          You are probably reading these stories because you are a writer, or want to be, or maybe keep putting it off.


‘Nuff said.

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