Tomorrow the Throne


M. Malcomb Moore

            “Close the door. Close the door and with it close the day behind thee.”

          “The door doth close, my Lady, and locks as well, but the day echoes with me like a bell of triumph. Servants lie sleeping in their rooms yet the morrow is waking even now within my anxious breast.”

          “Take thy gown, my Prince. Dress thyself for night. Lay beside me. Let my evening song bring peace to your crowded heart.  Let my fingers caress your brow till sleep carries you rested into the new morning light.”

          “Come, look below. The people gather. The night is aglow with a thousand torches to usher in the day. You bid me sleep when the kingdom is awake at my walls?”

          “Thy window is not a friend. It steals your eyes from one whose torch burns brightest. Thy Lady lies here aflame for her prince, only give the night to me and let thy servants have tomorrow to fill the air with your praise.”

          “Forgive me, dear Ann, my Lady.  There is no praise I desire save that of my queen.  My eyes are yours, do with them what you will.”

          “You honor me too quickly, sir. If you crown me queen this hour, then I will bow before my king and teach even the moon to give homage.”

            “Tomorrow I take the scepter and will stand as monarch of lands and seas. Coins will bear my name; Mothers will give their children the name given me by her Majesty. Yet, my Queen, my wife, my love, it is I who must bow before you.”

          “But Prince, it is thy blood which claims the throne, mine but to serve. Thy valor has won the crown, mine, to be loved by my Prince.”

          “It was you, gentle warrior, who won my battles.  It was thy love, sweet Ann, which drew my sword against the Corillian Knights when my heart soon would falter.  It was thoughts of seeing thy face which brought courage against the attack of the Brads. My sword was sharpest, my arrows most true when driven not by hate for those who would destroy but by the love for one who sits upon the throne of my heart. You, dear Queen of Hearts, blessed above all ladies, have won this day and a thousand for our great land.”

          “Then, my Lord, I abdicate my heart to thee this night. Conquer me now in thy bed, O King, Explore my valleys, ascend my mountains, plunder my treasures. Make my flesh thy kingdom and pleasure, your Majesty, and I will serve thee as no other.”

          “You are my crown, fairest Lady, and I shall adorn myself with you, my jewel of jewels.  The day is closed behind us. Tomorrow is for dreamers. Let us ride the night together.”

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