How do you want to live when you at 60, 65, when you retire? There are many pieces to that answer but if we ignore the question of your retirement you will fall short of what you wanted it to be. Most people have to continue working, some by choice, many will need to work.  Here are some quick goals to consider.

Grow your money:

Every dollar we make at 20 can grow to $50 at 65.  Meet your basic needs and a few of your  wants but develop a long-term perspective, goals, strategies on your income, spending, debt,  donations, investments,  and saving.

Live on 80%:

(10% Savings/investment: 10% Tax deductible donations.)

 As your income increases, increase the percentage in saving/investment and donations

 Savings: (3% Short term: new car, remodel, vacation) (7% Long term: IRA, Stocks, Investments)   Short term: items with diminishing value and paid off in a few years, (cards, cars, vacations)

 Long term: items with increasing value: real estate, etc. (always research performance risk)

PYC: (preserve your capital)

 Set a baseline value for your assets. Only risk a set % of money above that baseline. (increased  value of investments above baseline) Find ways to minimize and pay your taxes. Insure your  assets.


 Think of debt as a person who wants to steal your assets. Keep a card or two around for emergencies. Never borrow money you can’t pay back in a few months.  This excludes a mortgage or well researched home improvements. Never borrow against your baseline assets.   

Happy Money:

It is important to retire with the resources you want to live securely and         comfortably. Those who are genuinely happy are those who have developed a lifelong habit of  generous donations to help others. Selfishness makes us paranoid and stressed out about our money. When we are thankful for what we have we find that what we have is enough.

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