the WHO that I call ME

You know when your reading a textbook and you scribble a comment in the margin, or maybe look down to read a footnote, well that’s me.  I’m the scribbles and footnotes in life.  I have never been, will not be and don’t want to be famous, at least in the eyes of the world.  I do however want to be a superstar to my wife of 50 some years, my two daughters and their 11 children.  So here are some quick margin notes about the WHO I call ME: husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, US citizen, Arizona desert dweller, retired music teacher, writer, composer, lover of science, chocolate, flowers and pizza.

I asked myself, if I were reading someone else’s “about me” what would I want to know about them? If I were to deep dive into their mind, heart and soul what  would I want to discover? Here are some answers to that question about this “me.” I’ll try to keep this short.

I am a Christian but not religious, am Gobsmacked by all of life, follow politics but am a/political, am not a sports fan but admire great athletes, lost my daughter several years ago, my favorite music is 500 years old, culturally conservative, have 3 college degrees, am teaching myself Hebrew and Classical guitar, find 99% of television boring, grew up in Illinois farm country, have helped build many houses, love words, have performed at Carnegie Hall, directed well over 500 choir concerts, composed a bunch of music, wrote 3 books, and don’t consider myself to be an expert at anything. (scribbles in the margin remember?) And I would love to learn about the YOU that you  call ME.  That’s enough.  Make it a great day.


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