Recreation/Entertainment (R&E)

Have some candy, have some more, it’s okay, take more. Now change “candy” into “recreation / or entertainment.” Life without fun is, well, no fun. Goofing off or doing something just because we really enjoy it is so much a necessary part of our lives. Fun keeps us healthy, keeps us connected with friends and family, and reminds us that we are human.

My best friend in high school told me, “work hard and play hard but not at the same time.” R&E is a way to escape from the responsibilities and routines of our everyday lives. Think of it as a way, it is a way to take a deep breath, smile, and laugh.

Here are some quick notes about R&E.

Focus on a few activities that you really enjoy. Variety will keep them fresh.

Try to avoid a “buffet” approach where you nibble at many different activities but never become a real connoisseur of anything.

If it becomes boring, tedious, or too expensive, move on.

It’s like eating your absolute favorite food so much you loose your taste for it.

Keep the priorities in line.

R&E is like dessert, not the main course in your life. To much fun time can damage your family, your job, your finances, and even your health.

Have fun with others.

There are some activities we can do alone but fun is more fun with family or friends. Fun is the perfect way to grow and maintain social connections.

Measure the risk.

Some active kinds of fun can be dangerous. Don’t be stupid. Know your abilities and push them to the edge but a life long disability can bring all your fun to a screeching halt, especially if your dead. Always be sober when you are being dangerous.

Don’t get hooked.

Having fun kicks in the endorphins and can become an obsessive addiction. Listen to your family and friends. If they send out some warning signals about spending too much time and money on your fun, you may need to put it on hold for a while, or forever. Enjoy the “candy” but don’t be a fun junkie.

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