The Last Quiet Place

By M. Malcomb Moore           Cassie hated elevators more than city driving, even more than doctors.  Today, the day before her birthday, she would experience all three. She pictured her family and friends standing around her grave, saying how tragic it was, dying the day before her birthday. Rush hour horns, a thousand signs, andContinue reading “The Last Quiet Place”

Saints of the Elkhorn Pub

By M. Malcomb Moore             “One more time and I’m done,” Liz proclaimed, pushing her empty beer toward the waitress. “Three beers and its lights out when my head hits the pillow.”           The corner table in the Elkhorn Pub had become her drinking office.  Doers and wannabes, mostly younger, packed the place from wallContinue reading “Saints of the Elkhorn Pub”

Breathing in, Breathing out…

…is certainly better than the alternative, but the title is not about air, at least in the molecular sense. It is about art and music and stories. It is about landscaping your creative world with your colors, your textures, your songs, your stories. Creativity is all about breathing in, opening heart, soul, eyes and earsContinue reading “Breathing in, Breathing out…”