Good Writing

Where is that word? I know it has to be hiding here somewhere?

Saints of the Elkhorn Pub

Elizabeth races downhill to earn her final gold medal and her long awaited picture above the bar at the Elkhorn Pub.

Middle Voices

A stormy college romance lost and found after 20 years. It seems the storm clouds have never left.

Tomorrow the Throne

From a Prince to a King, yet his Lady offers a tempting distraction.

Ms. Brooks

She’s black, living in Alabama in 1956, and owns a dress shop in the white side of town. Can she survive?

The Last Quiet Place

A Colorado cowgirl sits in a big city psychiatrist’s office trying to process her loss of love and the simple life.

Hold the Roses

Actors playing lovers playing actors playing lovers. And, how to use roses as a weapon.

Dinner for Three

Years have passed. Mother and daughter enjoy Karma at the expense of the Ex.

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